2018 SEASON​​

Kickball ----   3 year olds

T-Ball ---------- 4 year ​olds

Rookies ----- 5/6 year olds

Farms ------- 7/8 year ​olds

Minors ----- 9/10 year olds

Majors ---11/12  year olds

Shining Stars ---- All Ages

Senior (A) - 13/15 year olds

Senior (B) - 16/18 year olds​​​​​​​

Travel Baseball --- Teams TBD

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                     Travel Page!!!​

​​​We are a non-profit organization that constantly gives back to all our players. We provide a supervised atmosphere at all games. League Directors score all games. Official umpires. Uniforms are provided for all divisions.​

​​​ALL our Board of Directors and coaches volunteer all of their time to make sure every child gets treated fairly and plays every game.
            PROGRAM 2018


Our Senior Baseball program has been around since Levittown Central began. Senior divisions are the reason 13 to 18 year-olds can continue to play the game they love, and have been since they were old enough to play.
We offer a 12 game season + playoffs and the best part, inter-league play with surrounding towns to make it more enjoyable for all.

  Levittown Central's      Senior Divisions                   2018
Our kickball division has games one day midweek (Wed or Thurs) & 1 game on the weekend. New style of play for all to enjoy.

T-Ball divisions are scheduled for 1 game during the week and 1 on the weekend. New style of play as well designed to prep for the child's development. 

All our divisions will play under the lights during the regular season.

Rookies, Farms, Minors, & Majors will enjoy playing on our Turf Field, too.

Farms umpires are provided by us. We use our Senior players for this and pay them for training throughout the season.​​

All our younger divisions get trophies on a special day at the end of the season. End of the season party will be held at our field for all.
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Levittown Central Baseball